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Right Of Entry – Visas for Family members of EU nationals… “shall be issued free of charge”
Directive 2004/58/EC – Article 5

What does this mean?
It means that by European law, family members of EU nationals holding valid passports must be given unobstructed freedom of movement throughout all European countries. This implies that the charging of fees constitutes to an financial obstruction and thus a contravention of the directive.
This is why Embassies provision a means for EU spouses and family members to obtain visas free of ‘any’ charges. An entirely free service should therefore be facilitated for any Family member of an EU national that can reasonably prove their relationship ( marriage / birth certificate, UKBA residence permit/letter etc.)


  • You are strongly advised to first read the Schengen Visa Appointment Requirements information page
  • All of the following information is required for each applicant applying for a French Schengen Visa
  • Please enter the passport information exactly as it appears in your passport
  • Enter any additional applicant details if travelling as a related group
  • This information will be used to assess and where instructed, secure an appointment on your behalf  *Subject to availability.
  • NOTE – We are an independent online appointment booking agency that arrange appointments for a set fee – appointments may be arranged free of charge through other sources. This is only a London appointment availability enquiry. Residents of Scotland and the Isle of Man cannot apply for a visa via the Consulate General of France in London, they MUST apply through Consulate in Edinburgh

IMPORTANT – The following MUST be taken into consideration

  • If you have recently had an application rejected or refused by ANY Schengen Embassy or if you have failed to attend a recent appointment we will not be able to arrange another appointment.
  • Appointments cannot be booked more than 90 days in advance of the proposed trip or more than 60 days in advance. The Consulate’s minimum total processing times* must be taken into consideration:3-5 Days for nationalities NOT listed below2-3 Weeks for following passport nationalities:
    Afghanistan . Algeria . Bangladesh . Belarussian . Belize . Burma . Burundi . Colombia . Congo(Zaire) . Egypt . Indonesia . Iran . Iraq . Jordan . Kuwait . North Korea . Lebanon . Libya . Myanmar . Nigeria . Niger . Oman . Pakistan . Palestine . Qatar . Rwanda . Saudi Arabia . Somalia . Sudan . Surnam . Syria . Vietnam . Yemen . Zimbabwe* The above listing based on our experience, subject to change and is for guidance only

The Holiday Rush is on – Appointments go FAST! – Advisable to Allow for at least 3 days after the earliest date below:

Updated am. 13/07/2016

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