France Hotel And Holiday Accommodation Visa Requirements_paris hotel hostel gites nice lyon booking

Proof Of Bookings

Whether applying for a Schengen tourist visa for a holiday, family visit or for work related activities such as attending conferences or business meetings in France, it is essential that you have proof of where you are staying throughout the entire trip. This must be suppliedĀ as part of your visa application’s supporting documentation. Every night of your stay while in France must be accounted for by way of formal confirmed accommodation such as hotels, hostels, ski resorts, gites etc. The same is required for any other Schengen countries that form part of your itinerary on the initial trip taken on the Schengen visa.

If staying in a hotel, you must supply as part of your visa application proof of the booking. If you have booked via a popular hotel chain, their email confirmation alone will usually suffice but the confirmation MUST show the names of EACH visa applicant, not just the name of the person that booked/paid for the room(s). Additional names of multiple visa applicants booked under a multi room booking can be requested as a guest list printout.

If you have booked your hotel or hostel through a third party vendor such as a travel agency or online hotel booking agency, it is strongly advised that you obtain written/email confirmation of your stay from the actual hotel or hostel. Submit the correspondence from both the third party’s confirmation and the actual establishment(s) in which you are staying.

When staying at holiday campsites you MUST obtain proof of site rental from each campsite that you intend to stay at.

If you cannot account for where you are staying EVERY night of your time in the Schengen region, it is highly likely that your application will be rejected.