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Proof Of Travel Reservations / Tickets To France

When submitting your tourist, conference or business Schengen visa application for France, you must provide proof of travel for every stage of your trip. This includes the means by which you are travelling to distant locations either within France or on to other Schengen countries. For instance, If you take a flight or the Eurostar to Paris and then intend to travel on to Marseille, hire a car to drive across the border Barcelona before flying back to the UK – You would require the EuroStar or flight tickets to Paris, flight or TVG rail bookings for Paris to the South of France and car hire proof along with the return flight from Spain. There must not be any gaps in the itinerary. Every aspect of the trip must corroborate hotel reservations and travel/hire and flight dates.

Multiple visa applicants travelling as a group to France in a car or coach via the Eurotunnel or on a car ferry MUST have each of their names shown on the ferry crossing booking. This can be obtained by the asking the carrier to supply a passenger listing naming each applicant travelling in the vehicle. Applicants intending to hire a car in France to travel on to other locations must supply proof of a pre-arranged car hire agreement.

Failing to show proof of tickets or reservations for any stage of the trip for any visa applicant is likely to result in the application being rejected.