French Visa Processing Times_france europe schengen visa application processing times

When applying for a French Schengen visa, the applicant MUST take into consideration the minimum processing time required by the French Embassy to process the actual visa application.

While not publicly published, the French Consulate takes longer to approve visa applications from certain nationalities than others. One of the reasons given for this extended period is that the French Consulate makes extensive checks and this sometimes involves contacting the applicant’s home country. The French Embassy/visa centre the categorizes such applications as ‘Consultation’. These French visa applications are considered to take a MINIMUM of 15 days.

It should be noted that the applicants status (eg. married to a British national) has no bearing. The checks are based on the French visa applicant’s nationality.

The list of nationalities that are subjected to the extra scrutiny is subject to change, sometimes the French Embassy remove countries from the list, sometimes new countries are added. This listing is therefore for guidance only.

Afghanistan . Algeria . Bangladesh . Belarussian . Burma . Burundi . Colombia . Congo(Zaire) . Egypt . Indonesia . Iran . Iraq . Jordan . Kuwait . North Korea . Lebanon . Libya . Myanmar . Nigeria . Oman . Pakistan . Palestine . Qatar . Rwanda . Somalia . Sudan . Surinam . Syria . Tunisia . United Arab Emirates . Vietnam . Yemen . Zimbabwe

For Nationalities that are NOT listed, the processing time is usually 3 – 4 work days.