Schengen Visa Appointment Requirements

Entering the Schengen States through France gives the traveller borderless access to the other 24 countries currently participating in the Schengen agreement. For this reason, an Embassy giving such access imposses strict rules and requirements to ensure that:

  1. The applicant is legally resident in the UK
  2. That their continuous residence status within the UK is formally confirmed by an impartial referee.
  3. That they have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their stay
  4. That they have prepaid means to enter and return from thier trip
  5. That they have prepaid or government recognised /approved accommodation throughout their stay
  6. That in the event of an accident, they are covered by travel insurance that will meet all potential costs and their repatriation to their legal place of residence.
  7. That the applicant has ledgibly completed and signed the respective Schengen Visa form to reflect all of the above


Prior to submitting any biometric information the Applicant is required to present their Schengen Visa Application Form and supporting documentation listed below for validation. If the applicant or their documentation fails to meet ANY of the criteria shown below,  the application is likely to be rejected and they will be required to re-apply for another appointment.


  • The applicant must legally reside in the UK. Foreign nationals residing in the UK will have been granted leave to remain for a period of over 6 months as a Student, working holiday maker, Tier 1 General/PSW, Tier 2, 5 etc…
  • Their UK residency permit must be endorsed in the applicant’s passport or on the new ICFN biometric card. Home Office stamps or vignettes that have been endorsed on separate paper documents (Immigration Status Document) will not be accepted by the embassy. – If the applicant is in the UK as a dependant s/he will be required to produce his/her original marriage/birth certificate along with the original passport of the person they are depending on
  • The applicant’s UK visa must exceed the return date of the proposed trip by more than THREE months
  • The applicant’s passport must exceed the return date of the proposed trip by more than THREE months and must have a full blank VISA PAGE for the visa vignette to be endorsed. (the spouses’ passport must be valid for at least three months where applicable)
  • France must be the main destination (country where most nights are spent on the initial round trip taken on the proposed visa )
    • TWO recent identical passport photos (less than one month old) are required with each application. The application will be rejected if the photos have been used in ANY other endorsementin the passport
      • The ‘passport photographs’ (3,5 x 4,5cm) must be colour, taken against a white/pale grey background with good contrast clear/good quality image, printed on normal photographic paper, full face without sunglasses or head covering, the size of the face must not exceed 30mm. Scanned images will be rejected by the French Embassy – Example
    • Letter from your employer along with your ORIGINAL pay slips covering the last three month immediately preceding the filing of your application or if self employed an original letter from your accountant on formal letter headed paper or if a student a (stamped) letter from your university. For school trip/student, the letter MUST include a statement of responsibility for applicant while in France and the full itinerary – Letters MUST
      • an original letter printed on official letter headed paper addressed to the French Embassy
      • be dated less than 3 month old at the time of the application
      • state your current job title/name of your course
      • be hand signed by your employer, accountant or your college/university
      • indicate the job title of the signatory and his/her full contact details
      • College/University letters must be officially endorsed/stamped by the college
  • Dependants – Schengen Visa Applicants residing in the UK as the Husband/Wife/Unmarried/Same Sex partner/ Civil partnership of someone with limited to remain are required to produce their partner’s passport and their original marriage certificate if applicable. Marriage certificates must be in French or English. Marriage certificates in other languages must be translated into either French or English, the translation and in some cases the marriage certificate itself must be authenticated by the London based Embassy of the country that issued the certificate.
  • Confirmed return ticket to France (and any other Schengen country) or confirmation from travel agent showing proof of payment. No open ticket itinerary will be accepted. When travelling by car via Ferry/Euro tunnel, a passenger list is required along with original documentation such as proof of vehicle ownership/rental and insurance to drive in Europe. Tickets/proof of transportation (eg. TVG, Eurostar, flights) must be supplied if travelling any distance within France or the Schengen area eg. between cities/towns or other countries.
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  • Proof of Hotel reservation confirmation is best when from the actual hotel if not booked through the actual hotel chain. The confirmation must state your full name, your dates of check in and check out, the hotel address and contact details. Bookings made by reservation agents are no longer accepted. If Visiting Friends/Relatives or attending short study courses, a French certificate of board and lodgings ( Attestation d’ Accueil ) must be obtained from local French Town Hall or Police Station – It should be noted that the Embassy will only issue a visa valid for the duration of the stay with friends/family – the maximum stay with an Attestation d’ Accueil is 3 months.
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  • Proof of financial means of support for the duration of your stay in France (a minimum of €60 per day). This must be evidenced by way of original travellers cheques, signed by the applicant (ideally with purchase receipt) OR your original bank statement (internet prints are not acceptable) covering the current month or the month immediately preceding the filing of your application. Only personal current/checking accounts are accepted. Your closing balance date must be less than ONE MONTH old on the day your application is submitted to the Embassy. If it is not, an additional current balance printout must be provided to corroborate the accounts’ current balance. Overdrafts are not accepted, nor are credit card statements. If you bank online, you are required to get your online statement stamped by your bank’s local branch
  • Travel insurance cover including repatriation, the cover must exceed £30,000. The documentation must show your full name, the policy number and the covered period. The cover policy’s wording must be supplied. If travel insurance cover is supplied by your bank, you must provide the bank’s booklet that outlines the policy and a current bank statement from the same account to prove still active. If travel insurance cover is provided by employer (business trip), a copy of the company’s blanket policy and schedule must be supplied. Policies must cover the duration of the visit. 6 – 12 months cover will improve the chances of the French Schengen visa being issued for multiple entries and a longer term). Single trip insurance WILL result in a single trip French Schengen visa.
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  • For minors travelling to France with their parents their full birth certificate (showing both parent’s names) and BOTH parents’ passports must be provided. The birth certificates must be in French or English. Certificates in other languages must be translated and the translation must be authenticated by the embassy of the issuing country. Non UK birth certificates may also require authentication at the embassy of the issuing country irrespective of language it has been issued in. Parents MUST be blood related or have official adoption papers. Please do note that Solicitor/Home Office correspondence is not accepted by the French Embassy as proof of guardianship.

Additional documentation requirements
for visa nationals resident in the UK that are considered to be in a state of employment whilst in France – Domestic workers – Nannies; Au Pairs etc:

  • Formal Contract Of Employment (in addition to the above employer’s letter of reference and pay slips)
  • Copy of household employer’s passport + letter declaration that form E101 has been submitted
  • Proof of completed/pending E101 (or new A1 ) application HMRC National Insurance

Spouses of UK & EU Nationals
that are travelling with their spouse and require a visa (see below) only require a duly complete and signed application form, two passport photos, their original passport and that of their UK spouse (in accordance with passport requirements as listed above) plus their original marriage certificate. The marriage certificate must be in French or English. Marriage certificates in other languages must be translated into either French or English. The translation and in some cases the marriage certificate itself must be authenticated by the London based Embassy of the country that issued the certificate.

Spouses of EU nationals applying for a visa that intend to travel without their partners must apply for a tourist visa and supply the additional required documents thereof.

From March 2009, foreign spouse of an EU national (with the exception of those married to French and British nationals) may enter France without a French Schengen visa if they meet ALL the following conditions:

  1. they hold a valid travel passport
  2. they have a valid UK residence permit with the endorsement ‘family member of EEA national’
  3. they are meeting up with or travelling with the EU spouse.

If these requirements are not met, you will need a French Schengen visa. This will apply for instance if your residency in the UK is not explicit (ie it does not show that you are in the UK as the spouse of an EU national) OR if you are travelling to France on business.

* Civil Partnership certificate (same sex) are now recognised/accepted as spousal application.

Note that children and parents of EU nationals are still required to obtain a French Schengen visa to travel to France.


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