By making payment you are instructing us to attempt to secure an appointment on either of the dates that you have indicated and you therefore accept that we act as an Independent Appointment Booking Agency on your behalf and that our fee is independent of any services charged for (or not charged) by the Embassy or Embassy associated bodies/organisations.

Requests for Urgent/Emergency earlier appointment dates currently shown as unavailable will be considered in the event of new or cancellation slots being released - Such requests must be communicated by replying to our initial email with UE-DATE REQUEST added to the subject. Such additional preferred appointment dates cannot be guaranteed and will be superceeded by your other requested dates if not available at the time of booking.

We aim to secure your appointment within 48 hours of receipt of payment - NOTE: Once booked, appointments cannot reschedule and our fee is non refundable.

Appointments cannot be booked more than 60 days in advance of attendance or more than 90 days in advance of your proposed trip.

Appointments cannot usually be booked if you have recently had an application rejected or refused by ANY Schengen Embassy or if you have failed to attend a recent appointment. In such situations we advise that you do not proceed further - if we are unable to secure an appointment because of a pending application we will still charge for our time and effort, no refund will be given.